Jordan Henderson has revealed the agony of the chronic heel ache that baffled specialists and ruled him out for the start of the season.

Henderson has a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis, a problem that deteriorated last April. Despite consultations with renowned surgeons, and even taking advice from the Royal Ballet about how to deal with a problem that afflicts dancers as well as sportsmen, Henderson has accepted he will have to manage pain rather than rid himself of it.

The Liverpool captain’s issues with his left heel were exacerbated when he broke a metatarsal on his right foot earlier in the season, injuries from which he made his comeback last weekend.

“It was unbearable every time I planted my foot it was like a burning, stabbing, nerve pain,” said Henderson.

“Even lying in bed there was pain in my foot. It is much better now but there is always that question is it going to come back? article

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