Mission & Strategy

A life free of foot pain can be yours, start the journey today!


Rebel Therapeutics was founded with a rebellious spirit, focused on delivering therapeutic solutions via a fresh approach driven by unconventional thinking.

Our mission is to develop and market-effective, cost-competitive, top-quality, user-friendly and easy-to-care-for therapeutic devices that enhance our customer’s quality of life.

Rebel Therapeutics is targeting a substantial and underserved market in the therapeutic space.

Our flagship initial product, the Rebel Foot Sling™, exemplifies our unique approach to design, providing product differentiation and potentially market-disruptive solutions. The primary distribution channels in focus for cultivation include direct-to-consumer and bulk-order commitment opportunities. Marketing endeavors are geared to utilize social media, the web, and lever experts and/or customers with high visibility profiles. Over the next year, initial target markets Rebel Therapeutics is pursuing encompasses the United States, Canada and the Eurozone where patents have been secured or are pending. Further global expansion is planned over the next five years. Rebel Therapeutics also plans to broaden its product offerings, prudently building a therapeutic portfolio in areas where strategic opportunities exist.