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As a Business Owner and Operator

if your organization or group has workers who spend a material amount of time on their feet a significant portion of your workforce may experience foot pain related to Plantar Fasciitis, causing lost time, productivity declines, scheduling issues and cost overruns.

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    The Foot Flex Is The Choice:

    • The Rebel Foot Flex is the most effective product for treatment of Plantar Fasciitis ever developed.
    • Extremely successful clinical trials in a major New York City Hospital; chief surgeon of podiatry called the trial results “amazing”.
    • Eighty Percent (80%) of individuals treated with the Rebel Foot Flex experienced substantial pain relief within a short time.
    • The Rebel Foot Flex is very comfortable, and is extremely effective whether sitting, sleeping, and for convenience – permits walking for short distances.
    • The Rebel Foot Flex is an exceptional alternative to costly traditional medical treatments and therapy.

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