Rebel Foot Flex

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The Solution

The Rebel Foot Flex

Is a therapeutic solution for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. This design supports the foot while creating a dorsiflexion to the foot, by applying upward pressure on the ball of the foot, and is engineered to counteract the contraction and pain in the Plantar Fascia, which resulted from the injury.

The Rebel Foot Flex provides upward pressure to the ball of the foot and has a consistent comfortable fulcrum based in the Knee Assembly. This tension member can be accurately adjusted to accommodate each patient’s individual requirements.

A tension member passes through a Channel Guide which locates the tension device directly under the ball of the foot. This configuration enables the foot to rotate freely, while maintaining the “exact” dorsiflexion angle on a consistent basis.

Key Advantage

The Rebel Foot Flex is unique and distinguishable from all other foot support devices on the market due to its simple, comfortable construction, allowing it to be worn for extended periods of time. Consistent and extended use is the key therapeutic factor in the treatment of planter fasciitis; the Rebel Foot Flex allows this without discomfort and therefore it can be used overnight while sleeping, and does not have to be  removed for short walks. Thus it can be worn comfortably when at home and at work, providing the maximum therapeutic affect.

Hospital studies have shown the Rebel Foot Flex to be effective when used according to instructions over extended period of time.


  • All Soft Materials / Comfortable
  • Lightweight & Very Mobile
  • Cool, Breathable Fabrics
  • Washable / Hygienic
  • Transportable; Folds into a small space
  • Non-Constrictive for proper circulation
  • Wear comfortably for extended periods