CEO Letter

A life free of foot pain can be yours, start the journey today!

CEO Jeff Widen


It’s an interesting time in the therapeutic product space. Shifting demographics, the focus on managing medical costs, the drive to optimize recovery times, and the availability of revolutionary new materials, all combine to create an entirely new market dynamic. Rebel Therapeutics strives to leverage these and other evolutionary changes in the therapeutics arena to bring best-in-class therapeutic solutions to market that serve to enhance quality of life in a cost-effective, convenient and innovative way.

We’re excited about the launch of our flagship product, the Rebel Foot Sling™. Hospital trials have shown that even in cases of last resort – where devices and/or medicine proved ineffective, and surgery was the remaining alternative – the Rebel Foot Sling™ performed amazingly well, averting even surgery in trial participants. From initial development through product trials our team has worked rigorously, in the true Rebel spirit, to turn conventional thinking on its head in treating plantar fasciitis.

We believe that The Rebel Foot Sling™ is unrivaled, and distinguishable from all other competing therapeutic products currently available for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Unique advantages include: Breathable; Hygienic & Machine-Washable; Comfortable; Lightweight; Foldable/Transportable, Made of All-soft materials. These features enable users to wear the Rebel Foot Sling™ for periods of time sufficient to yield optimal results, while maintaining appropriate dorsiflexion of the foot. Consistent use is the key therapeutic factor in the treatment of plantar fasciitis; The comfortable design of the Rebel Foot Sling™ makes this possible. Mobility is a major differentiator compared to other products, as the foot sling even lets users maintain dorsiflexion while walking, enhancing it’s effective usage.

Our commitment to providing the world with innovative, high-performance, quality choices for therapeutic products at a competitive price forms the foundation of our focus. In the near future, you’ll be seeing other exciting new Rebel Therapeutics products. As part of that product commitment, we value your thoughts and feedback. I encourage you to visit our website at

Jeffrey C. Widen, CEO

Rebel Therapeutics, Inc.