The Solution

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The Solution

The Rebel Foot Flex

Rebel Therapeutics has developed the Rebel Foot Flex which addresses Plantar Fascia based foot pain more effectively than anything else on the market today. The one and only Rebel Foot Flex provides the therapeutic solution and relief for people with Plantar Fasciitis as the Foot Flex technology is based upon Dorsiflexion (consistent upward contraction) of the Plantar Fascia that allows the foot to dramatically improve with only an hour or two of daily use. The Foot Flex is the most effective device by far, tested and proven as a last resort to surgery in hospital trials to successfully provide relief even in the most stubborn cases of Plantar Fasciitis – Refer to Hospital trial results.


Key Advantages

The Rebel Foot Flex is unique and distinguishable from all other foot support devices on the market due to its simple, comfortable construction, allowing it to be worn for extended periods of time. Consistent and extended use is the key therapeutic factor in the treatment of plantar fasciitis; the Rebel Foot Flex allows this without discomfort and therefore it can be used overnight while sleeping and does not have to be removed for short walks. Thus, the Rebel Foot Flex can be worn comfortably when at home and at work, providing the maximum therapeutic effect.

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  • All Soft Materials / Comfortable
  • Lightweight & Very Mobile
  • Cool, Breathable Fabrics
  • Washable / Hygienic
  • Transportable; Folds into a small space
  • Non-Constrictive for proper circulation
  • Wear comfortably for extended periods
The Rebel Foot Flex

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