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The Rebel Foot Flex
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Question 1: “How much should I tighten the knee assembly on my leg?”

ANSWER: You do not need to make the Knee Assembly extremely tight. If the Knee Assembly feels very constrictive, open the velcro adjustment tabs and loosen it slightly or until firm but comfortable. If the Knee Assembly is loose, tighten it until firm but comfortable. The non-slip liner will work well with just a firm but comfortable fit.

Question 2: “How much tension/dorsiflexion should I apply to the foot?”

ANSWER: Never use excessive tension. A few degrees of dorsiflexion should be adequate. Initially, you might not be able to dorsiflex your foot much, as the plantar fascia could be tight, and the discomfort more than normal. Work up to a higher degree of dorsiflexion over time and number of sessions.

Question 3: “How long should I wear the Rebel Foot Flex each day?”

ANSWER: Adequate time usage is important to obtain results. The amount of time to improve will differ for each user. Use the Rebel Foot Flex for as much time as you feel comfortable wearing it. Begin slowly, and move up in time gradually. Consistent use of the Rebel Foot Flex will improve and maintain your condition. Two hours a day of consistent use will result in noticeable improvement in a short period of time.

Question 4: “How far can I walk with the Rebel Foot Flex on?”

ANSWER: Walking short distances indoors when necessary is fine. The Rebel Foot Flex is designed to permit some mobility when necessary. Your tension setting will not be affected.

Question 5: “What are the recommended positions when using the Rebel Foot Flex?”

ANSWER: The Rebel Foot Flex is designed to be used in any position. The desired position is with the leg fully extended. However, remaining in a seated position is fine too.

Question 6: “How often should the Rebel Foot Flex Be Washed/Cleaned?”

ANSWER: The Rebel Foot Flex is made of all soft materials which may be washed as necessary (line dry). The Knee Assembly should not need cleaning often. The sock should be washed regularly for hygienic reasons.

How To Use Your Rebel Foot Flex

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